Sideboard in Victorian style

Convex sideboard with 2 convex door


Convex sideboard with 2 convex door


Eclectic antique sideboard with raised top from the early twentieth century with two convex side doors. The top part of this piece is richly hand-carved beech wood, while the base is solid wood veneered with Californian walnut. The gilded colour of the shellac stands out in the sideboard and the wood veining gives life to a decorative motif. With three doors and three drawers the depth of the model is quite pronounced but is deceived by the streamlining of the top.

  • Art. 13-123
  • Measures (cm):
  • Lenght:  149 cm
  • Height:   106/181 cm
  • Depth:    61  cm
  • Price €:   For this article on request

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