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Wardrobe with Liberty decoration

Tromp l'oeil wardrobe
Tree of Life wardrobe. The painting was carried out by an expert who was able to endow the piece with fitting proportions. Art. 4006

A wardrobe with a straight line

Summer Garden Wardrobe
Tromp l'oeil wardrobe with two doors. The painting was carried out completely by hand. Rectilinear structure. Art. 4007

Wardrobe with 3 doors and 1 drawer

Wardrobe with carved doors
Wardrobe with 3 doors enriched by ornamental motifs obtained by carving. It is composed of 3 parts. Art. 1373

Hall 2-door wardrobe

Lacquered decorated wardrobe
Lacquered wardrobe with hand-painted floral motifs. The sides of the wardrobe bear a simple ornamental motif. Art. 1610-A

Simple elegant Venetian wardrobe

Wardrobe with floral panels
Wardrobe with floral panels in Venetian style delimitated by an ornate cornice of an earthy-yellow color Art. 1610-V

Two-door lacquered wardrobe

Wardrobe with decorated doors
Two-door wardrobe decorated with giant thorny roses. The neutral tonality of the structure perfectly matches the subject. Art. 3-6

Hand-lacquered living room wardrobe

Wardrobe with six panels
Wardrobe with six octagonal panels surrounded by a double frame. The six landscapes are hand-painted. Art. 4005


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